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Friday, February 10, 2012

Rexburg Idaho disc golf or folf course

IMPORTANT UPDATE:  I just played the course again this morning (6/11/2011) and realized something that you need to know about this disc golf course and its maintenance.  When the city mows the park they pull up the disc golf course signage (where to tee off, hole routes, etc.) and then replace them when they are done.  The problem, though, is that the signage often ends up being put in the wrong place or by the wrong hole.  For example, the sign that should indicate the tee for the 6th hole was placed right next to the 6th hole's chain basket - I guess a city worker thought that's the way it should work.  This means that if you try to play this course solely by signage at the park you will certainly get lost.  You could, of course, play the holes in any order you want, but that would be very frustrating to other players or groups who are playing the course in the correct order.  You will have a much less frustrating experience if you use the course map provided here.  Have fun!


My family and I enjoy playing disc golf.  Sometimes it's hard to know where to go to play, but if you live near Rexburg, Idaho, there is a nice little 9-hole course at the Nature Park.  It is a fun course with permanent chain basket holes, but the course is not particularly well marked.

Anyway, here's how to get to the Nature Park in Rexburg.  It's located at 5th West and 3rd North.

Here's a map showing the Nature Park in the upper left-hand corner.  It's near the fairgrounds and the municipal golf course.

The easiest way to get to the Nature Park is to start by, say, Broulim's Grocery store and drive west on Main Street.  Turn north (right) onto 5th West (there is a stop light at this intersection).  5th West will take you north past the fairgrounds and to the Nature Park.  The road kind of curves around just before you get to the Nature Park...just stay on it, and then turn left and go down the hill toward the skate park.  I recommend going past the skate park and parking at one of the other small turnouts near the pavilion.

The Nature Park is a nice little park.  There are ponds, ducks that you can feed, the ponds are designated family fishing spots, and there are also walking paths, a skate park, soccer field, etc. some pavilions, etc.

The disc golf course was installed in 2010.  It's a rather small course, but a fun one for the more casual player.  Most of the holes are less than 300 feet long, and they crisscross the park as shown on the map below.  The chain basket holes are in good shape, but the signage telling you where to start and showing you where to go are still up for only a few holes.  Plus the plastic markers on each hole showing each hole's number have mostly been cracked, broken, or lost all together.  Since that's the case I've put together this map of the course to help you find your way around:

You won't find the first two holes without some help.  The tee for the first hole is at the southwest corner of the soccer field (the tee spots are not marked for the most holes) by the skate park.  This is a long, wide open hole with the chain basket located down a slight dip to the left, in front of some trees.

After you finish the 1st hole, walk south a short distance (10 yds) and you should be looking down a tunnel of trees.  The 2nd hole is the closer of the two chain baskets you can see near the end of the tunnel.  BTW, the farther chain basket is the 9th hole (we'll get back to that one later).

After you finish the 2nd hole, walk out onto the main grassy area to the west.  The chain basket for the 3rd hole is at the far end of the row of bushes/trees as shown on the map.

The other holes shown on the map aren't too hard to figure out, but when you get to the tee for hole #6 you won't be able to see the chain basket.  It is downhill behind a couple of small trees and a clump of bushes.  This is the shortest hole on the course, but the no-look tee shot makes it a bit of a challenge.

The other hole that is tough to figure out the first time is hole #9.  The tee spot takes you past a couple of trees, but the hole is largely protected by the same row of trees and bushes that you worked through for hole #2.  There are a couple of breaks in the tree line where you can get through though.  The chain basket for hole #9 is the one farthest to the south of the two in that little enclave.  The one to the north is hole #2.

I've been a number of times recently, and most of the time there are other people on the course, but not enough to slow play down.  I've seen enough people to slow play only once, but as word gets out about this course we may see more of that.

If you are a more serious disc golfer you may want to go to Freeman Park in Idaho Falls where there is an 18-hole course.  There is also a course in Blackfoot at the park next to the reservoir that you can see from I-15.  More venues appear to be showing up as time goes on.

Have fun!  I hope this information was helpful.

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