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Friday, March 30, 2012

How things animal videos from NPR's Science Friday

I'm often in awe at how the world works.  I'm also amazed at the creativity scientists show as they find ways to answer interesting questions, like why we sometimes slip on ice.  The researchers didn't use people in their studies though...they had to find another biped, something else that walks on two legs...guinea hens.

This first video shows how scientists things that move, and how much energy they use as they do.  Walking, sure, hopping, sure, but how can you collect physiological data on a bird in flight?  Check it out!

The second video has made the rounds, but it's a real goodie!

In this one someone is interested in finding out how the octopus is able to take camouflage to a whole new level.

You will probably want/need to watch this film more than once.  To start with...before you run the video, where's the octopus?  It's right in plain sight.  BTW, I just showed this to my son, A HS senior, and his reaction was, "What the HECK!?  Play that again!"

The really incredible thing is that an octopus can't see in color, and it's still able to match its surroundings' texture and color nearly perfectly...all by sight!  Keep in mind that the video is not digitally enhanced...octopus actually do this!

Really cool stuff!

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