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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Court dismisses attacks on climate science | NCSE

Court dismisses attacks on climate science | NCSE

Click on the link above to read about this landmark decision.  It's worth being aware of!

Frankly, the science has been in for a LONG time when it comes to confirming the effects of human-produced greenhouse gases and their role in climate change (i.e., global warming).  Recently the inaptly named "Coalition for Responsible Regulation" and associated industry groups challenged the EPA's plan to implement the Clean Air Act.  They contended that the science on climate change is not yet strong enough to warrant taking action (i.e., the EPA implementing Clean Air Act standards).  A 3-judge panel in a District Court of Appeals sided with the EPA and agreed that the science of anthropogenic climate change is both sound and compelling!

It's about time something like this happened!  Too many Americans happily live with a "head in the sand" mentality when it comes to climate change and our role in it.  

You can read more about this decision in a NY Times article:

This ruling reminds me of how long it took before a suit was brought to court about whether the WWII holocaust in which millions of Jew were murdered during WWII.  A judge ruled in, get this, 1981, yes you read that right, 1981 that the WWII Nazi holocaust actually happened.  You can read about that event in this link to a NY Times article:

Don't get me wrong.  I'm NOT equating climate change with the holocaust.  It's just amazing how long it takes for some people to recognize, accept, or be shown the obvious.  That is, just how long it took for these now obvious events to be legally recognized as having validity and being real.

It's about time!  

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