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Friday, February 10, 2012

Classical instruments and modern music - Sulic and Houser play "Welcome to the Jungle" ... it's unbelievable!

Originally posted 6-11-2011

I remember when (back in the 1970s) my older brother Kerry came home and told me about this new group he had just seen on TV.  They were a rock band, but they were wearing tuxedos, and they used electric violins and cellos, along with drums, guitars, keyboards, etc. They were the Electric Light Orchestra (ELO), and they were my introduction to classical instruments in rock music.

They have been a favorite of mine ever since.  Here's a link to a video of ELO playing "Sweet Talking Woman":

More recently, groups like Yellowcard have repopularized the use of classical instruments in modern music, and while that popularity remains, I haven't heard much of them lately.

Then, just yesterday, both my brother Mark and my sister Amy sent the following youtube video link my way (see below).

It's two guys named Sulic and Houser, and the play the cello like mad.

In this video they play Guns and Roses' "Weclome to the Jungle."  I'm not a big Guns and Roses fan, but this is incredible!  Watch and you'll be mesmerized - well, I was!  Plus, check out their bows when they are done!  Unbelievable!

Click the link below, turn up the volume, and get a tight grip on your seat.  Here's Sulic and Houser playing "Welcome to the Jungle".

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