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Friday, February 10, 2012

Is "Mr. Blue Sky" here to stay?

May 13, 2011 -

Nice weather has finally reappeared in Rexburg.  It's been a long, cold, gray winter. We had snow on the ground starting in mid-November and it was here through the first part of April, but the weather has (cross your fingers and knock on wood) finally turned!

The weatherman reported last night that it's been 210 days since we last had temperates over 70oF around here.  That's right - it's been 7 months.

The past few days have been clear, sunny, and WARM.  It was warm enough today in fact that a fleece vest was all it took for me to be comfortable at 7:30am when I walked to work.

Everyone seems to be outside enjoying the weather!

Our pasty-pale winter skin is drinking in the rays, and our solar batteries are recharging.  No matter where you look there are students on the grass, runners can be seen all over town, people are biking, working in their yards, and people are smiling!

Here's a shot from the University's webcam looking toward the Spori Quad at 2:30pm today.  It's a happy time on campus.  The sun makes all the difference!

I hope it's warm where you are.  And I hope that this warm Spring weather is here to stay.  (After all, last summer it didn't really warm up until after the 4th of July!)

Here's to a long warm spring/summer!

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