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Friday, February 10, 2012

Kat is elected to the school board

Originally posted 5-17-2011

The polls are closed, and the votes have been tallied, and Kat was voted onto our local school board!  She asked me not to quote numbers, but both she and I were shocked and pleasantly surprised by the large turnout for an election with only one item on the ballot.

She won with a sound majority (actually about a 4:1 majority).  Thanks to everyone who helped with the campaign, and for your support!

On the way to the meeting when we would learn the results of the election Kat told me that in a way she feels badly that she won, because that means that someone else lost.  At the same time, she now has the confidence that she was elected with a strong majority and that the process ran its correct course.  We both believe that it is MUCH better that there were two names on the ballot that voters could choose between.

Here is Kat with one of her three (yep, just three) signs before we went to the meeting where we would learn the official results of the election:

Kat will do a fantastic job on the school board.   This position is an elected, but non-paying four-year position.  She is doing this because she feels strongly about education, and that she can act locally to make a difference, even in the shadow of State Supt. Tom Luna's "Students Come First" plan that, frankly, appears to have little if anything to do with putting students first.

Kat educates herself on the issues and ponders the potential results of different decisions. She will be a great representative on the board.

We are also extremely pleased that Dianne Eaton was elected in the other zone in which there was an election today.  She also won with a strong majority.  Kat and Dianne believe that they will be able to work with other board members to bring about progress and excellence in education in our school district.  Stay tuned for updates.

Congratualtions Kat!  We are proud of you!

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